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Poppy: The Great and Terrible

In fall of 2022, I completed a storyboarding course with Story Xperiential. As part of this course, I brainstormed, sketched, outlined, and edited a three-act story reel following the process practiced at Pixar Animation Studios.


My story revolves around a character I created called the Great and Terrible Prosperine, also known as Poppy. Raised as a supervillain by her mother, Poppy's lifelong goal is to take over her city. But once she does it, she realizes that running a government is harder than it looks, and maybe she wants something more from life.

The moral of the story is to be true to yourself and do what makes you happy, not anyone else. Having grown up with a parent who discouraged me from pursuing art as a career, Poppy's story is very personal to me. It also allowed me to practice my skills in animation, storyboarding, and character design to be able to share them with the world.


Although the course is finished, the project is ongoing, so stay tuned for updates! Check out the original video here.

Poppy's Character Profile
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